Collection: Short Patchwork Stools (Coming Soon)

Made with sparkly old saris, Indian wedding dresses, and assorted fabric scraps, these fabulous footstools are an awesome way to cop-a-squat, all the while supporting talented craftspeople and keeping old cloth out of the landfill. Spot clean only. 

Imperfections should be anticipated with natural fibres and hand-worked goods. Don’t be surprised if some of the patches are in less than pristine condition. These fabrics had a whole other life before you showed up.

NOTE: These are stuffed with styrofoam beads to keep the shape robust. But everything compresses over time, so the zipper has only been whip-stitched closed in case you want to open it up to add more stuffing. But those jerky little beads get everywhere, so be careful. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

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